April 8, 2020

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The Beauty Gypsy Review: Peter Thomas Roth Vital-E Microbiome Age Protection

Meet my new day cream & eye cream loves: both from the Peter Thomas Roth Vital-E Microbiome Age Defense range.

It absolutely WAS NOT love at first sight though

First of all, I dont like any product that purports to anti-age you. Granted that I dont have wrinkles yet and may change my tune later but I dont think theres anything wrong with showing your age. Gracefully. Rather like earning your stripes.

Secondly, theres the pretty solid texture that reminded me of frozen coconut oil. As usual, I didnt read the instructions first time round (who in the world makes it a habit to read instructions before putting on a moisturiser??) and it felt like I was rubbing wax into my face. Then the label revealed that you have to warm it between your fingers first and thats when the beauty of these products really shone through.

Rubbing it between your fingers transforms the waxy balm into a cream that goes on with a soft, primer-like finish (which is the perfect base for makeup).It seems a little too lightweight more ideally suited for oily complexions in summer than my currently dry and flaky one in winter. But its surprisingly emollient and hydrating, thanks in part to the tucuma butter I guess, which is full of fatty acids and also boosts skins natural hydration levels.

Then the inulin (prebiotic) and bacillus (probiotic) come out to play, boosting the skins microbiome. Which, in non-science-y language, means it strengthens the skin barrier, helping protect our complexion against environmental aggressors like pollution. Our microbiome has become the root of several health studies and wellness products and I am happy to finally see a brand finally bring it into the skincare orbit.

And finally, the butterfly ginger root extract, which is known to protect the skin against blue light. Which is good since I am facing my iPhone/iPad/MacBook all day long. Blue light has been known to cause premature ageing (hence the Age Defense part, which I now understand) not at the same rate as the suns UV light but enough to step up fine lines, micro wrinkles and dark spots.

I have been using both the eye cream and moisturiser for a month now and my skin definitely feels smoother and more supple. It feels far less sensitive despite the chilly winds and definitely more balanced. My under-eye area has less fine lines (though the dark circles remain, sadly enough).

All in all? Both these are keepers and I am glad that I pushed through my initial impressions and kept going.

Is there a product that surprised you even though you didnt like it at first go?

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