What they don’t inform you at the charm counter (Overlook this at your own threat!).

A beauty counter often seems like the enchanted land, with all thosegorgeous makeup and skincare productstwinkling and shimmering at every turn. But thesmart consumer has to wonder:whatsreal and whats fake? Or more importantly, are they putting your health at risk? To find out, we asked real women who work behind beauty countersto give us the inside story. Ignore this at your own risk. Germs are everywhere! Seriously EVERYWHERE!Have you ever seen the number of people who come andstick their dirty fingers in the pots to test them, leaving behind both grime and germs?Even though most salespeople clean makeup brushes betweenone customer and the next,even theproducts themselvesare often abreeding ground for bacteria. So, how to keep yourself safe? Firstly, avoidtesting on lips and eyes, which are

Exactly how to Duplicate the Success of the most effective Brands in Web Content Advertising

Its not difficult to replicate the best brands success when it comes to content marketing. All it takes is a little strategy. If youre reading this post, youve probably already realized the importance of a content marketing program for your business. You have questions, though. One of the most frequent remarks I hear from business owners is, Sure, content marketing works for the big brands. But how can I make it work for us? Glad you asked. Many of the big names in content marketing today werent even around during the last century. In fact, many of them sprang up only a few years ago, leveraging content to solve problems that traditional companies would not touch. Even those legacy companies who have made

Your Horoscope This Week

> Weve got a brand-new fire burning from within on Sunday as fiery Mars makes his way into hardworking Capricorn. Were collectively inspired to achieve our goals, and work toward reaching new heights on the professional front while the action planet moves through this sensible sign. Messenger Mercury begins his first retrograde of the year in sensitive Pisces on Sunday, helping us to slow down and observe our emotions. Take notice of when youre feeling uncomfortable, and use it as a lesson to move forward. Its important to remember that everyone needs a little extra time during this transit to communicate. Were ready to understand our mental state better starting Tuesday when the Sun enters sensitive Pisces, giving us the chance

The Top Graphic as well as Web Design Fads of 2020

With each passing year, trends fade and new ones submerge into the world. This especially holds true within the digital landscape as well. Not only is it a new year, but we have entered a whole new decade. Since then, we have witnessed a lot of hit and miss trends in the digital era. For the 6th consecutive year, Coastal Creative, a San Diego based printing company, has made promising predictions for design trends and they havent disappointed yet. If you want to stay relevant this time next year, you will want to look at Coastal Creatives newly developed infographic where they identified eight hot design trends that are bound to be a hit this year, and they are all in

Teyana Taylor To Release Unfiltered Documentary Teyana Taylors House of Petunia

Source: Aaron J. Thornton / Getty Boss Black woman, fitness queen and R&B songstress Teyana Taylor is no stranger to the screen. Weve seen her from the age of fifteen on My Super Sweet 16 to her own reality show, Teyana & Iman, on VH1. All of which gave us an inside look into her personal life as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur. This time, Teyana has partnered with Red Bull Music to give fans an all-exclusive peek into her preparation for her dream set at Red Bull Music Festival New York. With the House of Petunia trailer officially out in the world, this Assembly Required segment commercial gives us a 60-second taste of what to expect from the full-length feature