August 2, 2021

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Diptyque’s Wintertime Collection candles are below as well as all’s well with the world

Everything is going nuts but I’m just going to sit here and pretend it’s Christmas and all is well with the world.

First up, sorting through Christmas ornaments (too early?).

Second, ordering my first apple pie for the season.

And third, making it feel like the holidays are literally in the air with Diptyque’s Winter Collection candles.

I mean, how GORGEOUS are these? Honestly, I think these are the most stunning candles that Diptyque has ever done – and they have done quite a few beauties.

The winter candle collection is all about three marvellous beasts coming to life on a snowy Parisian night and setting off towards the city’s most famous landmarks.

There’s the majestic lion in the Tuileries Garden – a bold floral bouquet of rare roses warmed with cinnamon and spices. 

A mysterious swan spreading its wings over the Buttes-Chaumont Park (this one’s my favorite and is lit up on the table as I write this piece) – a comforting cocoon of orange, cinnamon, ginger and amber.

And the lively, loyal deer leaping through Place Vendôme – sweeping through a glacial forest of fir trees, eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint. 

All my memories of Paris, swept into gorgeous artwork by Ugo Gattoni, who’s know for his exquisitely detailed portraits, cityscapes and otherworldly objects.

And all the candles are screen printed, so there shall be no peeling away of the artworks (and this is literally art) even if you burn them through the day.

Which I fully intend to do, so pardon me while I go and stock up on full size versions! They are limited edition after all… so once they are gone, they are GONE.

When do YOU start doing the Christmas things? And is it all right to pretend the holidays are coming earlier this year as a form of self preservation?

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