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How Much Must You Suggestion For A Charm Service

Source: Peathegee Inc / Getty We’ve all been there. You’ve just received a beauty service. Maybe you got your nails done, your lace wig installed or you popped in for you monthly facial. Now it’s time to pay your beauty tech for their hard work and your stuck on what to give for a tip. First things first, it’s important to know that tipping is not mandatory. A tip is given as an extra thank you for the services provided and to show your appreciation. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tip your beauty tech. Keep in mind, when you go into the nail salon for instance, many of the workers are being paid minimum wage to carry out services for

5 Tips To Make Your Press-On Nails Set Last

Source: Martin Novak / Getty Press-on nails have come a long way since the days when our mother and grandmother wore them. While there are some nail gurus who often opt for a traditional gel manicure or SNS nail set, press-on nails are quickly becoming a choice for women who want something fabulous and fast.Like all things in the beauty world, the press-on lane has leveled up with tons of styles and application techniques that will do your nails justice. Press-on nails can last up to two weeks. So, if you’re all about press-on nails or if you’re new to the wave, you probably want the tea on how to keep your gorgeous set in place. And you’ll be surprised to now that