Costco Gasoline: Is It Worth the Membership? A Comprehensive Guide



When it comes to purchasing gasoline, there are a variety of options to choose from. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is Costco gasoline. Costco is known for its bulk purchases and discounted prices on a variety of products, including gasoline. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing Costco gasoline and help you determine whether it’s worth the membership.

The Pros of Purchasing Costco Gasoline

  1. Discounted Prices: Costco-gasoline is known for being priced lower than other gas stations, which can save you money over time.
  2. High-Quality Gasoline: Costco gasoline often meets or exceeds the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), meaning you can trust that you are putting high-quality gasoline in your vehicle.
  3. Convenient Locations: Costco has gasoline stations located at most of its warehouse locations, making it easy to fill up your tank while you’re doing your shopping.
  4. Extended Hours: Costco’s gas stations are often open earlier and later than other gas stations, so you can fill up at a time that’s convenient for you.
  5. Additional Benefits: Costco members may also have access to additional benefits, such as discounts on car rentals or oil changes at the Costco Auto Program.

Overall, the discounted prices, high-quality gasoline, convenient locations, extended hours, and additional benefits make purchasing Costco-gasoline a great option for many people.

The Drawbacks of Purchasing Costco Gasoline

  1. Membership Requirement: To purchase gasoline at Costco, you must be a member of the warehouse club. This can be a drawback for those who do not want to pay the annual membership fee.
  2. Long Wait Times: Due to the discounted prices and convenience of Costco gasoline stations, they can often be crowded, resulting in long wait times to fill up your tank.
  3. Limited Selection: Costco typically only offers regular unleaded gasoline, which may not be suitable for all vehicles. Some vehicles require premium gasoline, which is not available at Costco.
  4. No Loyalty Rewards: Unlike some other gas stations, Costco does not offer loyalty rewards or discounts for frequent customers.
  5. Limited Payment Options: Costco gasoline stations only accept certain payment methods, such as Costco cash cards, debit cards, or Visa credit cards. If you prefer to pay with a different type of credit card or cash, you may not be able to purchase gasoline at Costco.

Overall, the membership requirement, long wait times, limited selection, lack of loyalty rewards, and limited payment options are the main drawbacks of purchasing Costco gasoline. It’s important to consider these factors when deciding whether or not to purchase gasoline at Costco.

Is Costco Gasoline Worth the Membership?

Whether or not Costco gasoline is worth the membership depends on a variety of factors. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Your Driving Habits: If you drive frequently and need to fill up your gas tank often, the discounted prices of Costco gasoline can add up to significant savings over time, potentially making the membership fee worth it.
  2. Your Proximity to Costco Gasoline Stations: If you live or work near a Costco warehouse with a gasoline station, the convenience of filling up your tank while you’re shopping can be a significant benefit.
  3. Your Vehicle’s Fuel Requirements: If your vehicle requires premium gasoline, which is not available at Costco, you may need to purchase gasoline from another gas station, making the membership less valuable.
  4. Your Willingness to Wait in Line: Costco gasoline stations can often have long wait times due to their popularity, which may not be worth it to some drivers.
  5. Additional Costco Membership Benefits: In addition to discounted gasoline, Costco membership offers a variety of other benefits, such as discounts on groceries and household items, that can add value to the membership.

Ultimately, whether or not Costco gasoline is worth the membership fee depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. If the discounted prices, high-quality gasoline, and convenience of filling up at a Costco gasoline station align with your needs and preferences, then it may be worth the membership fee.


Costco gasoline can be a cost-effective and convenient option for those who shop at Costco regularly and live near a location. However, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing Costco gasoline, including the cost of the membership fee and the quality of the gasoline compared to other options in your area.

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